People often think they can’t learn how to line dance when they see it for the first time, but with practice anyone can learn to dance just like how they learned to walk or drive. The great diversity in line dancing comes from the various ages that participate.


Country bars often have family nights where children are allowed in on a particular night and may even have classes geared toward kids. Clubs may also have people up through their 90’s as well. There are many health benefits to line dancing. It is great cardiovascular exercise, it keeps your mind sharp, it can be meditative, and it may even fight off Alzheimer’s.


People start line dancing for a variety of reasons:


- a friend turns them on to dancing 

- for exercise

- they have done other types of dance in the past

- to try something new because they’ve experienced a loss such as the death or a divorce.


Line dancers may dance four or five nights a week easily. It may sound hard to believe but dancing becomes an addiction and they have to keep up with the new dances. Some dancers may go away on a trip and will go to the country bar to dance directly from the airport before going home. It's not just about dancing though, the dancers bond with the other dancers and strong friendships form. 


Friendships begin on the dance floor but extend far beyond it. Since people dance multiple nights a week they usually become friends with other people at the club. The friendships could begin with a love of dance where the more advanced dancer may help the newer dancers. Line dancers also connect on Facebook and as they share pictures and posts about their interests they get to know more about each other. Eventually they begin conversing about their lives and loves and form friendships. 


Their time together may extend to other activities such as going out to dinner outside of the club and even travelling. Sometimes people move away but come to visit often. They are able to keep up with the dances since the dance videos and step sheets are available online. As with all relationships sometimes there are falling outs and it becomes so drastic that someone actually gives up going to the club.


People can find marriage partners at the club. Also, after years of dancing some people may not dance quite as much if they may meet someone or get involved in other activities but they are still dance occasionally because of their love of dancing and their connection with other dancers.


The purpose of this website is to capture the history of line dancing starting with South Florida and then extending beyond. In looking at the history we will also see how technology has impacted the growth of line dancing since the 1990's. If you have been dancing and would like to share your story please contact me at